Boston Ticket Scene: 3 Random Observations

Similar to your Boston Red Sox, I too have been falling asleep on the job lately (really guys, 5-16 in September?), specifically the job of blogging. Almond Joy said it best, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t,” and sometimes I feel like a blogger, and sometimes I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but as a one man show distractions are easy to find. The good news is, today I’ve managed to elude them like  John Lackey eludes 1-2-3 innings. But enough about me, here are three ticket scene observations:

1) Believe it or not, the Bruins are playing hockey again, and opening night is only two weeks away. (As an aside, this is the beauty of rooting for a Boston sports team. Because we’re no longer loozahs, our seasons extend to the point where it feels like there’s no off-season.) But the celebrations are over and the Cup has officially stopped strolling around the North End, which brings me back to opening night. Have you seen the tickets yet? Check this out, by far the best opening night ticket I’ve ever seen.

2) I know the sky is falling on Red Sox Nation, but it’s important to remember, even after a September swoon the Sox are still 2.5 games up on Tampa and LA. While each loss hurts, there’s only a week left in the season and thanks to the Yankees, yes, I’ll say it again, thanks to the Yankees, Tampa’s sprint to the finish has been put on hold. As you know by now, the Sox are headed to the Bronx for three, then down to Baltimore to finish the season. At this point, those games will likely determine if the Sox make the playoffs, and with Baltimore only a few hours away by plane, and about 8 hours by car, shouldn’t Sox fans be snapping up tickets in droves? Tickets for Mon, Tues, and Wed’s game are widely available direct from the Baltimore box office –> here. If you’re curious, flights on JetBlue are roughly $270 RT from Boston to Baltimore.

3) On Tuesday night I was asked to appear on WGBH with Emily Rooney to discuss a proposed law that would loosen the state’s restrictions on reselling tickets to concert and sporting events. You can check out the full interview –> here. Television was a new experience for me, one which included make-up, a green room, bright lights, and an increased heartbeat. In fact, the feeling of sweat forming on the brow and thumping sounds of my heart reminded me of sitting at a poker table for the first time. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to my next opportunity to Jersey Shore my face.



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3 responses to “Boston Ticket Scene: 3 Random Observations

  1. The Red Sox are going to be fine. Jusssst fine. Because we’re going to win tomorrow, see. Hockey. Two weeks. Awesome.

  2. I happen to agree with you, and I think going on the road isn’t a bad thing. Fenway was getting ugly. There’s no momentum in baseball, it changes with the starting pitcher, the Sox need to get those guys straightened out STAT!

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