Where you been, man?

Howdy folks, remember me?

There was a time not so long ago that we met every morning in your inbox, talking about all things related to tickets in Boston. However, over the past few weeks, I’ve been on a bit of hiatus. In Europe they call it a holiday, in America we call it vacation, and in the world of JD Drew, it’s simply referred to as “resting.”

The truth is, I haven’t exactly been vacationing on a tropical island paradise trying to rid all memories of the September-not-to-remember on Yawkey Way.  Instead, I’ve been caught up with a new gig, one that has been occupying my time – morning, noon, and night. And that, combined with no NBA, had me on the sidelines.

I made a promise right from the start not to flood your inbox with junk, and I’ve tried my best to stick to that commitment. But with the NBA back in business, Sox tickets on sale to the general public, and the Bruins hot as a pistol, I thought I’d re-introduce myself.

I haven’t decided to hang up the TixList spikes by any measure, but I will be turning down the volume moving forward. My goal is to produce at least one email every Monday morning, and during the busier weeks, an extra email or two.

Special thanks to those of you who took the time to write over the past 21 days. I felt loved, in a Sally Field kind of way. If I haven’t returned your email yet, I’m sorry for the delay but promise to get to it shortly.

Thanks for caring,




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Boston Ticket Scene: 3 Random Observations (October Edition)

In my last Random Observations post, I referenced Bruins Opening Night tickets and the Red Sox shrinking lead in the Wildcard. Ugh. The more I read, “even after a September swoon the Sox are still 2.5 games up on Tampa and LA.” the more I slip back into a state of WTF happened again?!  But now that Benstein-gate (Theoton-gate?) is finally over, we can start to move on and look forward to the 2012 baseball season. For those counting, Pitchers and Catchers report in 113 days, and I, the man on the hunt for face value or below tickets, return with another post covering the Boston ticket scene:

1) October 26th, 1951, Winston Churchill won the general election in Britain.  October 26th, 1967, Grammy winning country music singer Keith Urban was born. October 26th, 2011, the Red Sox announced their 2011 ticket prices. Why is what happened exactly one year ago today relevant? Because any day now, the Sox brass will produce a press release announcing their 2012 ticket prices. And I for one, can’t wait to see their move here. Since 2000, the average ticket price has nearly doubled, although after a year in which they didn’t make the playoffs, the Sox choose to freeze prices across 70% of Fenway in 2011. Between the September not to remember, the ouster of T-squared (Tito & Theo) and possibly P-squared (Papi & Papelbon), and chicken and waffles beers during games, the Sox have taken a hit on the PR front. Red Sox Nation is not happy, and a ticket increase is the last thing fans want to hear. So let’s see if ownership really gets it; freezing ticket prices across the board will show me they do.

2) After an unsuccessful attempt to find face value tickets for Bruins Opening Night, I was asked by a few subscribers if it was the toughest ticket to find. This of course got me thinking, what have been the most difficult tickets to find to date in 2011? My answer: 1) Adele at House of Blues, 2) Foster the People at House of Blues, 3) Bruins Opening Night at TD Garden. The Adele show was in May with tickets going for 6x face value on average. I’m convinced she could have sold out TD Garden, possibly multiple nights.

3) Circle the calendar, save the dates, June 15th, 16th, and 17th. Your Boston Red Sox visit Wrigley to take on Team Theo and the Chicago Cubs. I’ve been to Wimbledon, I’ve been to the Ryder Cup, I’ve been to English Premier soccer games, I’ve been to the Tour de France, I’ve been to World Series games, I’ve been to the NBA Finals, and I’ve been to numerous MLB stadiums.  However, I’ve never been to Wrigley. It’s at the top of my bucket list and hopefully 2012 is the year I get to cross it off.

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Boston Bruins Season Opener: The puck is dropping, ticket prices aren’t

I wish I had better news to share with you on this crisp Fall morning in America’s greatest city. Unfortunately, TD Garden only holds 17,500, which means 1,750,000 Bruins fans will be watching at home or at their favorite drinking establishment. So securing a ticket won’t come cheap, but that shouldn’t come as a shock given the moment in Boston sports history.

This hasn’t been the greatest few weeks for die-hard Bostonians, but tonight we get a chance to re-live the awesomeness that was the 2010-11 NHL season. Most of the post-Cup winning partying has stopped, Marchand and Seguin have curtailed their dancing on the bar routine, and tonight we finally get to witness the banner raised to the rafters. And for those of us born after 1972, we’ll be witnessing a true first. For those of you looking to do it live, you have options. For those of you looking to do it live AND on the cheap, you may want to start an Occupy Causeway Street march right now because it’s not happening.

I spent some time this morning looking through the various secondary sites, and the avg price for a Balcony seat is $265, with Loge tickets costing close to $350 per ticket. If you’re the Club Level type, expect to pay about $450. StubHub and Ace both have multiple pairs available, and you can still get e-delivery or go to the pick up location prior to the game.

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Boston Ticket Scene: 3 Random Observations

Similar to your Boston Red Sox, I too have been falling asleep on the job lately (really guys, 5-16 in September?), specifically the job of blogging. Almond Joy said it best, “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t,” and sometimes I feel like a blogger, and sometimes I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but as a one man show distractions are easy to find. The good news is, today I’ve managed to elude them like  John Lackey eludes 1-2-3 innings. But enough about me, here are three ticket scene observations:

1) Believe it or not, the Bruins are playing hockey again, and opening night is only two weeks away. (As an aside, this is the beauty of rooting for a Boston sports team. Because we’re no longer loozahs, our seasons extend to the point where it feels like there’s no off-season.) But the celebrations are over and the Cup has officially stopped strolling around the North End, which brings me back to opening night. Have you seen the tickets yet? Check this out, by far the best opening night ticket I’ve ever seen.

2) I know the sky is falling on Red Sox Nation, but it’s important to remember, even after a September swoon the Sox are still 2.5 games up on Tampa and LA. While each loss hurts, there’s only a week left in the season and thanks to the Yankees, yes, I’ll say it again, thanks to the Yankees, Tampa’s sprint to the finish has been put on hold. As you know by now, the Sox are headed to the Bronx for three, then down to Baltimore to finish the season. At this point, those games will likely determine if the Sox make the playoffs, and with Baltimore only a few hours away by plane, and about 8 hours by car, shouldn’t Sox fans be snapping up tickets in droves? Tickets for Mon, Tues, and Wed’s game are widely available direct from the Baltimore box office –> here. If you’re curious, flights on JetBlue are roughly $270 RT from Boston to Baltimore.

3) On Tuesday night I was asked to appear on WGBH with Emily Rooney to discuss a proposed law that would loosen the state’s restrictions on reselling tickets to concert and sporting events. You can check out the full interview –> here. Television was a new experience for me, one which included make-up, a green room, bright lights, and an increased heartbeat. In fact, the feeling of sweat forming on the brow and thumping sounds of my heart reminded me of sitting at a poker table for the first time. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to my next opportunity to Jersey Shore my face.


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Want face value tickets for a Red Sox vs Yankees game? Pray for rain.

No matter who the opponent, there’s one thing that will keep season ticket holders away from Fenway: Rain. And as of 3pm on August 7th, 2011, it’s raining pretty damn hard here on Boylston St.

If you bought tickets from the box office or a secondary source, you’ll be on Yawkey Way in time for the first pitch regardless of the conditions outside. But with 81 home games, the weather does play a role for those fortunate enough to have multiple game options. So if you’re looking to score some last minute ducats for today’s game, here are a few pairs that are reasonably priced:

1) State Street Pavilion Club 12, Row 4, 2 Seats – $350/total (Face Value) 
Contact: 617-851-2346, Heidi
Notes: Two Seats at face value, $175 each, State Street Pavilion Club 12 row 4. Call Heidi 617-851-2346. Can meet in downtown boston or at Fenway. no texts please.

2) Infield Grandstad 28, Row 14, 2 Seats – $160/total + Stubhub fees (Face is $110)
Contact: Download from Stubhub –> http://bit.ly/obnN08

3) Outfield Grandstand 6, Row 4, 2 Seats – $70/total (Face Value)
Contact: sale-gtf8c-2534404730@craigslist.org
Notes: $70 for the pair, face value. Rightfield grandstand section 6, row 4.  Meet in Needham today.



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Boston Bruins Game 6 Tickets: 500+ Still Available!

(Note: I have no affiliate relationship with any of the vendors mentioned below, this is simply my take on the ticket scene for tonight.)

As I said last week, being down 2-0 in a series means very little, especially when the Bruins are involved. It’s almost as if playing with their backs against the wall is part of their credo. And sure enough, here we are again, the Black & Gold find themselves in a must win game, on Causeway St, with a chance to extend the series and win Lord Stanley’s Cup in Vancouver on Wednesday night.

To no one’s surprise, the ticket demand for tonight is insane. But similar to last week, tickets can be had, just be prepared to pay a small fortune.  According to StubHub, over 500 tickets are available with prices starting at $557. Locally, Ace Ticket has single seats in the Balcony starting at $540, which is the lowest I’ve seen on the secondary market. If you’re looking to sit in the lower bowl, Loge seats will cost you a month’s rent in a studio apartment in Boston. The corner sections (4-9-15-20), which are typically the least expensive, are approximately $900. So assuming you’re prepared to shell out the dough, here’s my take on where to find the best deals:

Balcony (Face Value between $360-$385, excluding Rows 1 & 2)
Location: Section 319, Row 2, 4 Seats Available from StubHub
Current Price:  $600  per ticket

My Thoughts: Face Value is just a dream at this point, so if you’re going to pay somewhere between $500-$600 to get inside the Garden, you might as well find the best seats available. Right now, this is the spot.  You’re in the corner balcony, which isn’t ideal, but you’re sitting in Row 2, providing you with a great view of the action. Preferable I’d like to sit between the blue lines, but those will cost you a few hundred more if you want Row 2, so why not move a few sections over and sit as low as possible. Go get em!

Loge (Face Value between $610 – $860 depending on location and row)
Location: Loge 9, Row 16, 2 Seats Available from StubHub or Club 37, Row D, 2 Seats from TicketsNow for $940 per ticket
Current Price: $895 per ticket

My Thoughts: Similar to Balcony seats, you won’t find any Loge seats at or near box office face value. I guess that’s what happens when a team makes the Cup Finals for the first time since some of my readers were born. So with no face deals to be found, let’s find the best value, and right now that’s Loge 9, which is in the corner section of the lower bowl.  At $895 per seat, these are the closest to face value you’ll find right now. Personally, I’d rather take the money, fly to Vegas for the night, watch the game and enjoy a steak dinner (with money left over to stay through Wed and watch Game 7 ).  But that’s just me.

Which seat would I pick if I had my choice? I’d pass over the Balcony and Loge and go straight to the Club Level.  If you’re ready to shell out nearly $900 for the corner Loge, why not spend $40 more for a better view in Row D of the Club!  Section Club 37 to be exact, two seats for $940 per ticket.  Go get em!

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Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Tickets: What’s up for tonight?

True Bruins fans know that being down 2-0 in a series means nothing. Isn’t that right Montreal? It takes four games to win the elusive Cup, and right now Vancouver is only halfway there. So with that as a backdrop, and the series shifting back to Causeway St tonight, the obvious question in my world is: How much for tickets?

The good news is tickets are available, roughly 2000 if you look through the various secondary markets (Stubhub, Ace, etc.). The bad news is tickets are pricey, but is that really a shock?

(I digress: I know the media loves the expensive ticket angle,and I’m not suggesting the seats aren’t expensive, but at this point the story is getting old. It’s not like the Garden will be half empty tonight because the seats are overpriced. My popcorn at the movie theater cost me $6, my “you pick two” at Panera cost me $11, the MBTA is selling women’s jeans for $159, and a former “friend” of mine paid $2000 for a pair of shoes. Some shit is expensive, the public will continue to pay for it, isn’t it time to find a new story?)

So let’s start with the box office face value vs current market price and where you can buy them:

Balcony (Face Value between $360-$385, excluding Rows 1 & 2)
Current Price:  $360 
My Thoughts: You read that right, for box office face value, you can purchase tickets tonight direct from StubHub (disclosure: I do NOT have a relationship with them, I’m just pointing out where the least expensive tickets are available). It’s likely in some cases that the tickets are owned by season ticket holders, which were purchased prior to the playoffs and made available to them at a significant discount. So the price on your ticket may not say $360, but if you made the purchase direct from the box office, that’s exactly what you would’ve paid. The season ticket holder makes a few bucks, you pay box office prices, and StubHub makes their transaction fee (yuck) on the purchase. For a series that’s has huge demand, I’m somewhat surprised to see tickets priced at a reasonable market rate vs the actual face value.

Loge (Face Value between $610 – $860 depending on location and row)
Current Price: $690
My Thoughts: Similar to Balcony seats, you can find Loge seats at or near box office face value. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these seats are being sold by Season Ticket Holders looking to make a few bucks, but still selling at a price that gives the buyer decent value (again, comparing to box office face). The listing above, at $690, is on the Ace Ticket website, and as I disclosed with the StubHub listing, I do not have an affiliate relationship in place with Ace. More options can be found HERE.

Which seat would I pick if I had my choice? I’d actually choose a seat not in either the Balcony or Loge. Instead, I’d opt for the SportsDeck, which includes wait service, your own bar, complimentary appetizers and soft drinks and access to Premium Level restaurants. Right now you can find SRO tickets for $571, cheaper than Loge with better amenities and a view that I happen to enjoy, directly behind the net.

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